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An analysis of Johnson’s Baby brand Student Name Institute “An analysis of the Johnson’s Baby Brand” Introduction: Health care products are a growing sector of the economy, as consumers look towards both medicinal and consumer products in order to improved their lives and gain higher comfort.


As the pioneers who “bridged the gap between the initial R&D and the market-ready innovation by defining a baby-care niche” (Blatchford, 2010), Johnson & Johnson successfully used the branding strategy to turn the undifferentiated product ‘Mineral Oil’ ( used primarily for health and medical uses) into one of their most successful consumer products. The Johnson’s Baby product range was later extended to include more related products like the ‘No more tears shampoo’. The brand has become well-known for its comfort, care and safety message which has been communicated very effectively through the above-the-line advertising and their signature pink packaging. The marketing strategies of the Brand have been so successful because of the effective use of basic principles of marketing especially with regards to identifying the target market and developing suitable communications. Target Market  The target market can be formally defined as "A set of buyers sharing common needs or characteristics that the company decides to serve" (Kotler et al, 2010). Defining the target market is the foundation step towards developing the value in a product or service, that will be communicated according to the consumers needs. The development of distribution, advertising, and production plans all depend on the target market as selected by an organization. ...
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