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MG3037 Internet Marketing Name: Institution: Date of Submission: User trust is recognized as a primary success and survival factor of online business. In essence, a user’s compliance and enthusiasm to give personal data is a prerequisite for online transactions.


Trust management is a significant aspect in stakeholder relationship management by building trust to encourage people to engage in online transactions. In reference to Chen (2007, p. 76), trust refers to a psychological condition where an individual accepts susceptibility based upon positive anticipations of the intentions of the other. The secret to building of strong relationships with online consumers lies not only on being where consumers are but by building trust. Joseph-Vaidyan (2008, p. 25) notes that there are common things associated with trust which organizations use to build strong, trustworthy relations with consumers. These items include assurance, brand, belief, care, choice, confidence, certainty, familiarity, hope, reputation, security, truth and obligation. has created consumer trust through providing correct contact addresses and numbers. Someone cannot put contact information such as a phone number if he or she does not intend to answer it. provides contact information, which users can use to reach the customer support team or services. For this reason, most of the subscribers use their real names and provide valid contact information. This implies that the website has no pseudonyms or generic addresses used by the subscribers. Joseph-Vaidyan (2008, p. 27) asserts that many businesses acquire low trust from clients by using “Infor@” e-mail addresses. ...
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