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MG3122 STRATEGIC MARKETING Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 1.0 Introduction 4 2.0 John Lewis 4 2.1 John Lewis Partnership 4 2.2 Business Strategy 5 3.0 Industry Overview 6 3.1 Industry Trend 6 4.0 Marketing Mix 7 5.0 SWOT Analysis 9 6.0 PESTLE Analysis 10 6.1 Political 10 6.2 Economical 11 6.3 Social 11 6.4 Technological 11 6.5 Environment 11 6.6 Legal 12 7.0 Porter’s Five Forces 12 7.1 Buyer’s Power 12 7.2 Supplier Power 12 7.3 New Entrants 13 7.4 Threat of Substitute 13 7.5 Degree of Rivalry 13 References 14 1.0 Introduction John Lewis has been selected by the study to conduct Strategic Marketing Audit.


2.0 John Lewis John Lewis is renowned departmental store chain of United Kingdom. The store chain has expanded business throughout the country within last hundred years. The company is headquartered at London, United Kingdom. The departmental store chain was founded by John Lewis in the year 1864. In the initial period the organization started their operation as single store but soon they transformed their business model into departmental store chain with the help of John Lewis Partnership. 2.1 John Lewis Partnership The partnership model gives opportunity to employees to gain partial ownership and contribute as stakeholder to business operation of the departmental store chain. John Lewis Partnership provides partial ownership or partnership benefits to existing thirty nine thousand employees of the company (McCallion, 2010). The John Lewis Partnership has won 'Retailer of the Year' in the year 2011. Recent report published by the company shows that they have more than 81,000 permanent staff as well as partners. ...
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