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Brand Positioning Contents Brand selection 3 Selection of characteristics 4 Group selection justification 4 Data collection procedure 5 Positioning map 5 Detailed discussion on Positioning Map 6 Comparison of the brands 8 Copy of the rating scales and raw data table 9 Reference 9 10 Brand selection The objective of this project is to examine how marketers determine consumer perceptions of their product relative to competitors’ products.


The Asian chocolate market is the driving sale and likely to hold about 20% of the market share of the global chocolate market in 2016 and sales of chocolate in the Asian market is likely to boost up share from $15billion to $19.7billion in 2016. US leads the chocolate market with a market share of 86.3% in North America, Japan has a market share of 39.7%, Europe with a market share of 16.4% and Germany accounts for 15.9% (Markets and Markets,” Markets and Markets: Global Chocolate Market worth $ 98.3 billion by 2016”). Five major brands chosen for the project in the chocolate industry includes Cadbury/Kraft, Mars, Nestle, Ferrero and Hershey. Cadbury/Kraft food generated total sales of $19,965 in 2011 and accounts for 15% of the market share in global chocolate industry; Mars generates sales of $16,200 and has a market share of 15% in 2011; Nestle sales stood at $12,808 with a marker share of 13%; Ferrero Group accounted for $9612 and market share of 7% and finally Hershey foods generated sales of $6112 with market share of 7% (ICCO, “The Chocolate Industry”). Selection of characteristics Brand positioning is based on certain characteristic depending on the product or the brands. ...
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