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Strategic Marketing 2 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Bright Eyes 4 Marketing Overview 4 Financial Overview 5 External Analysis 6 PESTLE 6 Political 6 Economic 7 Social 7 Technology 7 Environment 8 Legal 8 Vietnam’s Eyeglasses Industry 8 Retail Industry for Eyewear 9 Industry Dynamics 9 Primary (Urban & Semi Urban) 10 Secondary (Rural) 10 Tertiary (Tourists) 10 Marketing Mix 11 Product 11 Price 12 Conclusion 14 Bright Eyes “Bright Eyes” is a manufacturer of glasses/spectacles based in Singapore.


Presently the company operates with 40 staffs. The company started competing with branded glass manufacturers from early 1990s and cemented their position as premier glass manufacturers in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Sales growth for the company slowed down during the period of 2003 due to external factors. In the initial years Henrik Skagen used two types of marketing strategy to increase sales revenue. Henrik Skagen used trade shows to promote glass product and increase brand equity among customers. Internal sales force was used to explore retail channel sales. New generation of Skagen family have changed the traditional product strategy of the company in order to fillip the growth of the company. Sandra and Lars Skagenby extended product portfolio by including items such as reading sun-glasses, non-prescription reading glasses, sports goggles and glass cases. Marketing Overview Product Reading sun-glasses, Non-prescription reading glasses, Sports goggles and Glass cases. The company uses Nordic style of strong lines and bold colours in their offering. ...
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