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International Marketing: Global Markets

This has pushed many companies to resort to international marketing where they target the overseas markets for their products. The decentralization of products through international marketing has given some companies a competitive advantage because they are preferred in the foreign markets compared to domestic products. This is because of the critical role of international marketing. It promotes the international brands, hence overshadowing the local products. Similarly, it makes the local market overlook their products, making consumers perceive them as stronger that their home products. Because of this tendency, brands from the West have infiltrated the local market and acquired the market share hence pushing domestic products out of the market. For instance, Coca-Cola has continued to dominate the soft beverage market in developing nations because of its international marketing strategy. Similarly, Unilever products have gained market share in the developing countries, hence overshadowing the local products. Although the products from the West are similar to domestic products, international marketing portrays them to be superior making consumers identify with them.
International marketing plays a crucial role in humanizing the global brands with the mission of inspiring the local markets (Cayla 2013). Most of the successful international brands captures the market through the mission that they sell to the consumers. They also capture and convey universal insights that inspire employees as well as attracting customers (Cayla 2013). For instance, IKEA brand had a mission that consumers in the local market felt aimed at helping them. The mission read, “Create a better everyday life for people” (Cayla 2013). This signifies that international marketing helps the global brand to position themselves as the solution to human needs. This helps them to fulfill the needs of ...
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It creates awareness among consumers about the availability of goods and services that companies offer. The process of globalization and increased technological advancement has eased the global…
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