Write about a time that you had to solve a problem using your own creativity.

Write about a time that you had to solve a problem using your own creativity. Article example
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Creativity in beauty related industries can be termed as an activity that starts with a new idea and end with ultimate commercialization of the product (Roncarelli and Ellicott 2010). I have utilized creativity in my marketing campaigns, especially in the packaging of beauty products.


I am aware that the beauty industry encompasses cosmetics, cosmetic products and perfumes that must be appealing to the customer in order to generate sales. The packaging design of beauty products (cosmetics) can attract customers, thus leading to an increase in the market share (Roncarelli and Ellicott 2010). Cosmetic products packaging inspires the marketing executives to enhance their imagination and creativity according to customer aesthetic requirements (Roncarelli and Ellicott 2010). Creativity in packaging design reminds people how they react to their emotions and sensory cues (Harris and Ambrose 2011). I utilized my creativity in solving the problem of low sales of a beauty product. From my marketing experience, I understood that packaging is the first thing that customers look for when selecting their beauty products (Calver 2004). Packaging has an enormous impact on cosmetics success in the market as it directly influences the purchase decision by communicating the product attributes at the point of sale. Some beauty products that are colorful in packaging tend to attract more prospective customers than those simply packaged (Roncarelli and Ellicott 2010). ...
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