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Persuasion model for marketers: Globalization has resulted in bringing people together and also in many ways resulted in creating a competition amongst companies; as a result these companies are keen on devising various marketing strategies in order to target the masses and to increase their volume in terms of market shares.


Marketing strategies have evolved so much from the past few decades, as the advent of internet and social media websites have revolutionized the marketing styles and procedures. Marketers of today are facing loads of competition, initially this competition was confined till local or national boundaries but nowadays this completion has expanded and is global in many regards. At present marketers are using different strategies and techniques in order to deliver their message to the masses and persuade them to buy their range of products. For achieving this goal various strategies and models are preferred by marketers, amongst those models persuasion matrix has its own importance. As this model give varieties of advantages to the marketers in order to craft and draft advertisements so as to better hit the target audience. For instance the persuasion model helps marketers to develop an understanding regarding how to target the audience, what kind of medium should be used, how message should be devised and in what ways this message is likely to be interpret by the consumer or in simple words understanding of consumer about the message (Belch and Belch, 2009). Persuasion matrix in general has two types of variables, the dependent variables and the independent variables. ...
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