Leading the Way : Start with a Marketing Audit

Leading the Way : Start with a Marketing Audit Essay example
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TOPIC: MARKET AUDIT Market Audit (Student Name) (Instructor’s Name) (Course Name) 14th November 2012 Executive summary Apple Incorporation is a technology company that produces various products such as Mac, iPhone, Apple TV, iPod, Ipad, computer hardware and software among others.


On the other hand, the company internal factors that arise from external effects include strong brand name, diversified product portfolio, strong management team and mergers. To remain competitive and address the weaknesses of poor relationship with the major competitor, it is imperative for the company to form more mergers with large company such as Dell. In the same way, the company should utilize the available market opportunities by advertising its products through social sites such as face book and twitter. This is in addition to establishing more sales outlets in the developing countries. Introduction One of the vital strategies that firms adopts to face off stiff competition in the contemporary business arena is the use of well designed marketing plan that takes into consideration the effects of external environment on the operations of a firm. One of the companies that have attained a competitive advantage due to its effective marketing strategies is Apple Incorporation. Apple inc. is an international company that deals with marketing and designing of computers hardware and software as well as household electronics products. Earlier on, the company was referred to as Apple computer incorporation (Adam, 2012). Apple inc. ...
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