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Running head: MARKETING PLAN Marketing Plan Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name July 16, 2011 Outline Introduction Mission and business objectives Internal and external situation Research on market and customers Segmentation, target, and positioning Marketing objectives Marketing programs plan Measurement of progress and performance Implementation and evaluation Conclusion References Marketing Essential 1.


The product has been in existence since the ancient times where the traditional forms of the product was got from natural fermentation of milk. The modern product is obtained through catalyzed bacterial actions on whole milk. The bacterial actions enable the product to last longer than fresh milk. Yoghurt was not used as part of the main diet in the ancient time, but could be consumed in relatively smaller quantities for its medicinal value. Similar rates of consumption are witnessed in the modern society. The product is used to supplement the main diet. Various developments have been registered in the production and marketing of this product in different markets across the globe. Different production companies have developed different brands of the product leading to an increased competition in the market. Besides, other related milk products give stiff competition to yoghurt in the market. The company that is to succeed in the market has to be sensitive and able to respond to the changing market trends. It has to develop a product brand that meets the changing needs of the clients. The organization should develop a marketing strategy that ensures proper brand positioning in the market. ...
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