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Healthcare Marketing: Antoine Charles is an extremely serious and professional public relations administrator at the local hospital. I found him to be a scintillating example of a workaholic who is not only very passionate about what he does for a living but also has a remarkable insight into elements which distinguish public relations (PR) from marketing.


He explained the role of public relations departments in hospitals to me in a very comprehensive and enlightening manner and yet managed to keep the discussion from going off the deep end. An example of this was his meticulous response to one question about the primary difference between marketing and PR. He responded by saying that though there exist clear differences between marketing and PR, still the line running between them is getting more and more blurred with time due to multiple factors. No matter how much confusing it gets to identify the line between the two domains, the differences continue to matter. It is important for a public administrator to acknowledge the ABCs of his/her job and what is required of him/her at work. It is essential to recognize the difference between communicating with investors or public and promoting the business. Often times when public administrators working at some healthcare facility are asked if they spend their time communicating with the public or advertising/marketing their healthcare setup, they answer that they are doing both which is where the line between PR and marketing gets blurred. ...
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