Marketing Plan-Situation Analysis

Marketing Plan-Situation Analysis Essay example
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SITUATION ANALYSIS: The Masi CXR is designed for passionate bikers that want to have fun while cycling. This Cyclocross bike is specifically for those bikers that would go for speed, stability and endurance. This bike enables a biker to cross rough terrains and also is light in weight to be carried on shoulder for impenetrable areas.


The main feature of Masi bikes are quality, speed, endurance with innovation at an affordable price. The bike is light in weight as compared to other bikes and equipped with latest and modern frame. The key feature of this bike is the knobby tires that improve the grip on rough surfaces and the high quality brakes that have high power than normal brakes. Some other features if this bike includes additional stability and dual side pedals. The distribution channel that would be used to provide the consumers with latest model of Masi CXR will be through outlets where the consumer would easily engage in buying. The Masi CXR would be sold through intermediaries where the consumers would be encouraged to provide feedback regarding the bikes and the consumers will also be encouraged to take the bike for trials. The market for such bikes are increasing day by day as the customers are getting more inclined towards a healthy lifestyle and so are getting obsessed with cycling. This increasing trend can be clearly seen in modern cities where the bicycle journey has increased by 120 percent since 2000. ...
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