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Starbucks CRM Recommendations report

The coffee beverage company is located in Seattle, America. Starbucks has coffee chains all over the globe including the United Kingdom, Japan, and China. The company is widely recognized for its powerful customer care that has enabled it to enjoy customer loyalty in the beverage industry (Jargon, 2009).
In reference to Keightley (2014), the act of customer journey mapping is an important method used by many organisations in order to visualize the real experience of their customers. A touch point describes the interface of a brand with the customers.In the process of an interaction, it enables the company to understand how customers visualize the company’s products in their journey. In accordance with my previous assignment, I highlighted several touch points in terms of customer experience whether positive, neutral or negative. In this report, the touch points with a baseline or a negative experience have been analysed. The recommendation report aims to narrow down on the effectiveness of the touch points and the necessary measures that should be carried out in order to achieve the business objectives of Starbucks. The process of implementing the suggested remedies is clearly outlined in the last sections of the work. The IDIC framework that has been used to analyse the effectiveness of the touch points is well known to render excellent results in terms of customer relationship management.
The first step in this model includes the ability to reach out to the customers on an individual basis. The type of relationship developed here ensures that the business enterprise identifies its loyal customers. It does not mean that you need to know them by names but aims at finding a way to ensure that the same customer comes back for the product another day.
The customers differ from each other in terms of their value to the business. This means that for a ...
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Companies are expected to study the experiences of their customers and provide products according to the preferences of the customers. The…
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Starbucks marketing report
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