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STRATEGIC ANALYSIS OF TUALATIN CITY FROM A HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE Customer’s Name College Name Abstract Strategic Plan of an organisation is a vital player in the success of an organisation if it is devised properly. The lack of clarity is the main reason why organisations fail to achieve their goals and objectives, regardless, of a strong strategic plan.


Although, this analysis may not be an exact reflection of organisation’s future, however, it would certainly provide Management with certain feedback that can help them form pathways for the achievement of their strategic goals. We, therefore, use the strategic management plan of Tualatin City, situated in the state of Oregon, US and will try and devise a human resource plan for its future needs. This plan would be used as a basis to check if the organisation is on the right track in the longer run. The management plans of an organisation cannot be acted upon without meeting its HR needs. If an organisation plans growth, it must also plan its personnel needs, accordingly. Keywords: Strategic Plans, Human Resource, Analysis STRATEGIC ANALYSIS OF TUALATIN CITY FROM A HUMAN RESOURCE PERSPECTIVE About Tualatin City: Tualatin City is a part of Washington County that comes under the jurisdiction of Oregon State, in the United States of America. The city covers a total area of 20.2 sq. km with population amounting to 26000 citizens. The reason for its fame is the fact that tourists often pay a visit because of Bridgeport Village which is an upscale European-Style shopping area. ...
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