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EVALUATING THE IDEA BOX CREATIVITY TECHNIQUE By Name Course Tutor’s Name Institution Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Evaluating the Idea Box Creativity Technique Introduction Everyone wishes to be creative in his or her undertakings. Additionally, organizations appreciate those employees who are creative since they can aid in finding solutions for organization problems.


The idea box is a creativity technique used to explore new ideas as well as options. The idea box technique works by nudging the thinker to enhance creative thinking and come up with apposite solutions. I choose the idea box techniques because I have used it in the past. Additionally, the technique enables one to play with different ideas as well as possibilities before coming up with a solution. This ensures that the root of the problem is identified and the most appropriate solution applied. Additionally, brainstorming makes this method appealing, since it does not include any predetermined approaches. Therefore, it makes it possible to deal with the problem conclusively without making assumptions. This paper focuses on the use of idea box creative technique in enhancing business performance. The paper will make use of a personal experience to describe the procedure followed while developing and using an idea box to come up with a solution. Additionally, the benefits and shortcomings of using the idea box will be identified. Overview of the Idea Box Technique The Idea box is a morphological analysis technique that was invented by Fritz Zwicky. The technique enables a person to examine all the relationships in comprised in multidimensional problems. ...
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