Proctor & Gamble Marketing Mix.

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Proctor & Gamble began its operations as a partnership company a way back in 1837 and in the span of 175 years became a largest consumer packaged goods manufacturing and marketing company in the world.


The paper attempts to explore how each element of the “marketing mix” such as product, price, place and promotion were understood, and practiced by the company during two different time periods. The Concept of “Marketing-Mix” during Pre-1964 Era With a humble beginning in the 1830, P&G spearheaded its growth through forward thinking and by 1890 the company was selling more than 30 different types of soap. Varieties of soaps were produced to meet varied consumer needs and the innovative techniques were used to market those products that include product sampling, and radio "soap operas". A way back in 1924, the company realized the importance of the market research department and formed the one to study consumer buying habits and their preferences – perhaps the only one of its kind during those days. In 1926, Camay, a beauty shop, was introduced in the market as an outcome of the in-house research that spoke about the consumer preference toward perfumed shops. In 1931, the company establishes a marketing department to manage various brands in the competitive market. Dedicated groups of people were given responsibility to formulate marketing strategies for each brand and perhaps that is how the brand management system came into being. ...
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