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Designing the Marketing Plan Using the 7Ps Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Introduction Marketing mix is a marketing strategy used by marketers to introduce a new product into the market or increase the sales for an existing product. Marketing entails having the right product that is required by a particular group, placing the product in the right place where the group can locate it, fixing the appropriate price, and using the right people while launching the product.


The 7Ps is an acronym for Product or service, Place, Promotion, people, process, physical evidence, and the Price. This paper will discuss how a company launching a product can prepare a marketing plan by making use of the 7Ps. Product The product or service is the core component of any business. When designing the marketing plan, the organization should ensure that the product offers a solution to the problem facing the society. Therefore, the designed product should reflect the needs of the people and the demand for the product. A company can be able to identify the need, preference, and demand by carrying out research. On getting the information, the company can decide on the different varieties and the quality of the product to develop. Knowing the needs and preference of customers ensures that a company develops a product that gives those customers maximum value of their money (“The Chatered Institute of Marketing,” 2009). Price Price is an important aspect that determines the marketability of a product. ...
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