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SWOT Presentation: Center Parcs UK (LTD) Center Parcs UK (Ltd) offers accommodation of the highest quality in villas, lodges and apartments that are fully equipped (Center Parcs, 2012). These facilities are village-based and are located in forests and around streams each with a private deck.


Each village has a major subtropical swimming paradise that is heart to its activities with a constant temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition, the area is filled with wild water rapids, spa pool, solaria and pools for children playing, wave pool, water slides in the midst of luxuriant tropical trees and other plants. The Sherwood Forest village was the first of the Center Parcs villages opened in July 1987; it can accommodate over 4,200 guests per break on a 400 acre facility (Center Parcs, 2012). It also has a range of leisure, outdoor and indoor facilities. The villages offer luxurious but relaxed atmosphere and holidays over short breaks: weekends and midweek breaks all year round as well as increased stays during normal periods of visiting. This strategy has been successful in that each village records occupancy figures of above 90% and repeated bookings in a year that rise above 60% (Center Parcs, 2012). Strategic Business Units at Center Parcs These are the organizational units/villages developed by Center Parcs Ltd. and function independently but under one corporation, Center Parcs. ...
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