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Global Marketing strategy Name: Institution: Global marketing is rapidly changing. The traditional perceptions towards customers are being replaced with modern day approaches. Customers are being approached as members of the society and not just consumers.


This paper reflects the impact of strategic global marketing and a holistic approach the marketing dynamics in the international marketplace. Customers must be viewed with a wider perspective if proper and effective marketing strategies are to be used. This paper places emphasis on global marketing as a sophisticated phenomenon that entails understanding consumption and takes into consideration a wider set of stake holders. This incorporates both social and organizational concerns (Smith & Drumwright, 2008). In incorporating some of the approaches considered effective in the global marketing, this paper sets a new standard of customer-seller relationship that is bent on increasing profitability. According to Porter, business decision making is changing in terms of context and market place dynamics. The relationship between marketers and the society is increasingly becoming crucial as the role of consumers continues to evolve. The business environment in the world today is reasonable unpredictable. Marketers are being forced to change their perception from a narrow view of customers to incorporating the role of a customer into organizational success. IFC is a global institution with operations in over 100 developing countries. The institution is changing its marketing strategy to bring its staff and clients close to each other. This has increased the customer satisfaction rates. ...
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