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Essay example - Global Marketing Strategy

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Global Marketing Strategy Essay example
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This paper reflects the impact of strategic global marketing and a holistic approach the marketing dynamics in the international marketplace. Global marketing is rapidly changing. The traditional perceptions towards customers are being replaced with modern day approaches. …

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This paper proclaims that the growing global marketing strategy demands that the next generation of organizational leaders get employees who have a large knowledgebase. Organizations are looking for a multiplicity of talents and experience. Such a workforce is known to maximize productivity and minimize organizational costs.
The new global marketing strategy demands the employees engage in critical thinking and take up their roles with passion and understanding. Organizations have taken to training workers with an aim of enhancing leadership skills and innovation. However, training alone is inadequate. Employees must be directly involved in decision making, in the own portfolios. They must become part of the solutions to the organizational challengers through employee participation in the leadership process.
In conclusion, the paper aproves that the modern day aspect of managing market and strategy calls for stakeholder engagement and long-term strategy in marketing. The new market myopic of viewing the customer as mere short term consumer is changing fast. The consumer must be viewed as a member of the global society who has complex needs and long term targets. Organizations have begun paying close attention to research based on culture and consumer perception to avoid imposing consumer needs. The link between the roles of stakeholders in marketing organizational products is being addressed. The global market place has shifted radically, and it demands the use of both conventional and unconventional marketing strategies to address the challenge of appealing to and satisfying modern, empowered consumers. ...
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