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Fords social media marketing

Contemporary business strategies evolve along with the introduction of social media as a marketing tool. In their attempt to attain a distinct business edge, companies leverage social media to increase productivity and market appeal.Mangold and Faulds mention that social media marketing is a hybrid mix of various promotional methods, which includes personal selling, word-of-mouth advertising strategy, and consumer relations (358). For instance, social media allows customers to contribute insights for product development, comment on existing products, and recommend their preferred brands to their friends. Consequently, this benefits manufacturers in a way that they will understand the needs of the market, and have direct, virtual interaction with customers. To attain a comprehensive understanding about the use and impact of social media, this paper discusses Ford’s social media marketing strategies through Facebook and Twitter. Throughout this research, this paper hopes to discuss the risks of Ford’s social media marketing method and identify specific points of development. Advertising Tools Facebook Dale Buss reports that Ford continues to partner with Facebook in advertising its products although the company will change its advertising strategy to address more profitable market trends such as customer support and interaction (paras. 1-3). ...
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Contemporary business strategies evolve along with the introduction of social media as a marketing tool. In their attempt to attain a distinct business edge, companies leverage social media to increase productivity and market appeal…
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