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Topic: Buyers Behaviour - Samsung Galaxy Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Institution Affiliation: Course Title: Date: Analysis Buyer behaviour is influenced by a myriad number of factors, all of which impact on the final outcome of the decision made by the consumer.


This is more so in a market where competition is intense, sellers are many, and the target market is relatively the same. Such a market environment informs the analysis of Samsung Galaxy in terms of the behaviour exhibited by its buyers. Samsung Galaxy buyers, just like any other consumer, are rational, and they seek to maximize their welfare at the minimum cost possible. However, this does not mean that they can only buy cheap phones that are offered in the market. Purchases of Samsung Galaxy are influenced by a number of variables, all of which are captured by the decision making theory. In problem recognition, buyers identify their need to buy a phone. This creates a difference between what they have and what they want to purchase. The need or desire to buy Samsung Galaxy constitutes the main problem for which the buyer seeks a resolution. Once the problem has been recognized, the buyer has to move to the next step, which is information search (Jackson, 2008, p.47). The information available to the buyer influences the decision that the buyer makes. While total market information may be hard to capture, product reviews, friends, and advertisements among others act as sources of information for the buyer. Price, quality, product features, brand image, company reputation, product design, and past experiences (Grant, 2011, p.73) are some of the key variables that matter to a Samsung Galaxy buyer. ...
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