read the requirement paper carefullyall of the requirements are in the documents

read the requirement paper carefullyall of the requirements are in the documents Essay example
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Marketing Contents Task 1 3 Segmentation and Targeting 3 Task 2 5 Consumer Behaviour Factors 5 Task 3 8 Positioning Strategy 8 Reference 9 Task 1 Segmentation and Targeting Segmentation is a process of dividing a large segment into various small units as per similar need or even related characteristics.


Thus based on the product the segmentation is decided. Here segmentation will be done based on demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural variables. Demographic segmentation tends to divide the market in segments based on factors such as gender, age, income and others (Ferrell & Hartline, 2010, p.117). Based on demographic segmentation, Sleep Bug application will be made available to both the genders male and female as the application which is designed for windows phone 7 and iOS are used by both the segments and thus the segmentation are done keeping in mind the female market and the male market segment. The sound and the music along with feature installed in the application have also been developed according to the segments likes and dislikes. Age is the next factor in demographic segmentation, and the sleep bug pro will be segmented to the age group 16 years and above. The reason behind selecting the age bar to 16 years is that since everyone in today’s generation has an access to iPhone, iPad and iPod therefore the application is made available for all the people within the particular age group so that they can enjoy the application and have a sound and proper sleep. ...
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