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Apple SWOT analysis Essay example
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The current Apple’s mission statement is unfit given that it focuses more on the products that this company makes rather than the customers or the target markets. It does not explain the benefits that are to be achieved by the buyers.


Apple statement further elaborates that currently, the company still leads the industry though innovative technologies that have resulted in ward winning computers, operating systems, iLife, and other professional applications. Furthermore, the statement narrates that Apple is setting benchmarks in the global market though launching of IPod portable music, iTunes online store, video players, and has even managed a groundbreaking entrance in the phone market through iPhone. Besanko et al (2009) further elaborates that a mission statement should tell more about what an organization believes in and not what it makes. Telling prospective customers about what a one believes in touches a nerve in the target market, leading to customer loyalty. After development of an inspiring mission statement in the mind, it is essential to consider what makes the brand tick. Precisely, it is essential to come up with something that taps into the emotions of the target customers, something that comes from culture rather than from products. In other words, the mission statement should focus on the targeted market or markets and not the products offered. ...
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