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INTERNATIONAL MARKETING By Name Course Tutor’s Name Institution Date International Marketing Frequent conflict, which defines the relationship between Apple and Samsung, could be narrowed down into competition and choice of marketing strategies. Both companies are driven by a mutual acknowledgement of the threats they pose on each other with regard to the control of the market niche (The Growth Agenda, 2012, p.


An understanding of the nature of rivalry should begin from an assessment of the nature of products that the two companies deal with. Both companies manufacture highly developed smart phones, ipads, and other technology products with internet-aided applications (The Growth Agenda, 2012, p. 54). The inventory of these products consists of rapid innovations and advancements in technology in very short spans of time. Generally, the products range from simple to highly advanced technological gadgets that seek to satisfy different levels of the clientele. Over the times, both companies have attempted to break into new market segments or take over some of the segments held by their competitors. The course of these pursuits has involved suits of violation of patent rights to other matters that relate to the processes of regulation of the ethics of marketing and general commerce. As such, these companies have devised a range of strategies, which are meant to outpace each other in terms of technologies and marketing (Doole & Lowe, 2008, p.36). Samsung has sought to create pools of loyal clientele who cut across the various aspects of the market. ...
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