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Capstone Project -- eBay (Written )

Specific selling points of the product will be highlighted, for instance, the iron box consumes less power thus less economical. It is also light for ease ironing. The product will be delivered to the client using Logistics Companies. The additional cost will be forwarded to the client.
Price of a product is what consumer use to judge the quality of the product, as well as affordability. The cost incurred in the production of the iron box will be calculated and a markup as a profit. For instance, if the production cost is $ 15, a markup of $ 5 is added, therefore, the selling price is $ 20.
HAMILTON BEACH "SMART GRIP IRON" BRAND NEW IN THE BOX. (n.d.). Retrieved May 6, 2015, from ...
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The above-displayed iron box is designed for the single men and ladies. This is because the iron box is designed for ease usage which single ladies and men demand. Time is a factor; therefore, the product ensures ease of use when ironing…
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