The war between samsung and apple(use The Marketing Theory of 4Ps)

The war between samsung and apple(use The Marketing Theory of 4Ps) Essay example
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Name Professor Marketing Date The war between Samsung and Apple Samsung and Apple have been involved in a legal conflict concerning their patents in relation to tablets and Smartphone, whereby Apple is raising accusation that Samsung is imitating its products (The Economist, 1­).


Therefore, the paper will discuss issues related to the dispute between Samsung and Apple, applying the marketing theory of 4ps while focusing on other such as marketing ethics, consumer behaviours, and marketing entry strategies. On the other hand, another request of injunction by Samsung seeks to gather information concerning iPhone 5 and iPad 3 was made, but Apple is made all the necessary effort to impede the injunction (Apple, 1). Nevertheless, the strategies of communication were based on secrecy concerning the future of the products, since disclosure of the nature of the products prior to the launching date can have an adverse effect on customers’ behaviours. Therefore, Samsung was identified to be copying innovative technologies, other than taking on their products development independently; thus, there was a violation of Apple’s precious intellectual property rights, through the distinctive interface, packaging and product design. The dispute involving these companies related to the iPhone and Galaxy S, which is manufactured by Samsung, and iPad compared to the design of Samsung Galaxy. ...
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