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Samsung case-study?( You will find all the instructuons attached,please follow) - Essay Example

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Samsung: The Making of a Global Brand Samsung: The Making of a Global Brand 1. What is a brand and what are its key components? Explain how the new non-OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Samsung global brand meets and satisfies these requirements…

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Samsung case-study?( You will find all the instructuons attached,please follow)

The brand is also the connection between the product and its end consumer and often, the consumers see the brand as an extension of themselves or a reflection of their lifestyles. For example, someone who always wears a Rolex may see the brand “Rolex” as an extension of his own persona and his luxurious, elite lifestyle. Chernatony and Riley (1998), in their research paper demonstrate the different tangible and intangible elements that make up brands. For example, some tangible qualities this research paper lists down are “symbols, slogans, name, logo, colors, brand mark, advertising slogan, trademark, functional capabilities, legal protection, presence and performance, physique, physical design and graphics”, ultimately anything that helps the product differentiate itself from competition. In listing down intangible components of brands, this research paper states “identity, corporate brand, integrated communications, customer relationships, positioning, user identification, relevance, advantage, bond, personality, relationship, culture, self-image, social and personal values, esteem, familiarity”. In effect the, a brand becomes the product’s differentiating identity. When Samsung was known as only an OEM producer, there were a set of tangible and intangible elements associated with its brand. Expected product quality was low, with high defect rate. ...
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