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What is the role of celebrity endorsement in media communication?

Different researchers have different definitions for celebrity and celebrity endorsement. For instance, a celebrity is a name that requires no additional identification. Stars are recognized wherever they go and they are acknowledged with some awe and excitement. In most cases, whatever the celebrities do have a public value. Celebrities are often perceived as material for entertainment and media communication. Celebrities can also be described as persons who enjoy public acknowledgment and uses this acknowledgment in courtesy of a brand appearing in the advertisements.
One of the recent definitions describes a celebrity as a person whose name has a profit generating value, attention –getting and interest riveting that originates from the high level of public interest and attention (Gupta 12). Celebrity is usually associated with individuals who are of the public eye and who have a high profile in the society; this can be in the entertainment industry, sports among others. These people can be used to promote products, ideas, services or organizations (Canning and West 3). Celebrities are named whose reputation connects producers and consumers through a product with which they are linked. Sometimes celebrities become familiar and famous once they appear in an advertisement. The ideal characteristics of a celebrity include trustworthiness, expertise, attractiveness, likeability and particular associations that bring out product relevancy.
Celebrity endorsement is a trend that has developed over some decades. Celebrity endorsement is a situation whereby celebrities use their names in advertising a product or a service for which they may be or may not be the expertise. It is a method that has been widely used a media communication tool, in promoting a consumer products and services. Celebrity endorsement is one of the communication method applied by marketers in building a harmonious image between the consumer and ...
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The usage of celebrity endorsement has a major brand communication strategy in companies, which helps in sale and promotion of brands all over…
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