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Running head: TOURISTS’ DECISION MAKING Tourists’ decision-making (Student Name) (Student ID Number) (Unit Code) (Unit Name) (Date Submitted) Introduction This perspective suggests that procedures in decision-making should be handled by the marketing manager to understand process of collecting or obtaining information.


Solomon suggests control of information flow has an effect on consumers’ knowledge, decision, confidence and memory. In the recent years, journals are preferred for learning marketing knowledge and this has lead to an increase in journals in the market worldwide. Marketing managers are gathering information from journals, which have greatly influenced their decisions (Baumgartner and Pieters 2003, p 123). According to the editors of Journal of Marketing management, the journal focuses on original material that concentrates on conceptual, empirical marketing theory and theoretical knowledge. The editors are dedicated to encourage and discuss topics that are published. The articles will assist the marketing managers to make decisions on marketing practice and theory. The authors are experts in methodological, constructive, time conscious, and paradigmatic (Baumgartner and Pieters, From the new editors- Welcome to the journal of marketing management 2011, p 1- 3). Tourism experience motivates the ability, desire, style and quantity of tourism. These experiences ought to influence the future development and growth of tourism. They consist of sights, encounters, on-site activities, collecting of souvenirs and some sensations like. The tourism experiences should make the visit of the tourist memorable (Williams, 2011). ...
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