Business to Business Marketing

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Business to Business Marketing Name Grade Course Tutor’s Name Date This paper aims at exploring the pricing aspect and how the marketing managers differ in approach when it comes to a difference in the market i.e. a B2B market or a B2C market. This paper would discuss various aspects and scenarios, and how negotiation is done on behalf of the marketing manager towards the customers.


Marketing is a broad spectrum of activities that define the function of a market – technically, markets provides grounds for exchange of value. In past days, it was goods vs. goods i.e. the barter system while in present days, its goods vs. monetary terms – the money value. In simpler terms, seller puts a price tag on the products and services, buyers reach, negotiate, and purchase – this is a simple market cycle/activity. Marketing includes all these activities and beyond as well – activities that start from attracting the customer to the point of sales, completion of transaction, and relationships beyond to ensure repeat purchases. Prior to pouring deep in the project and research of the said paper, it is important to understand the forms of markets that exist. The fundamental form of division of markets based on the customer type is the area of interest for this research paper. In accordance with Hooley (2007), there are mainly two types of markets that exist across the broader scale in marketing terms; Consumer Markets & Industrial Markets – the latter is also known as Business Markets. The further description and analytics of the two is discussed in the forthcoming sections. Industrial Markets According to Doyle (2006), Industrial Markets, also known as B2B (i.e. ...
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