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Critically discuss the ethical implications from marketing cigarettes to young people in African countries - Essay Example

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THE ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS FROM MARKETING CIGARETTES TO YOUNG PEOPLE IN AFRICAN COUNTRIES By Institution Date Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 The Ethical Implications from Marketing Cigarettes to Young People in African Countries Introduction Marketers have often been critiqued for using selective marketing strategies aimed at targeting a vulnerable group…

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Critically discuss the ethical implications from marketing cigarettes to young people in African countries

Cigarette related harms have raised global concerns over the recent past. Although cigarette smoking and addiction have reduced in some parts of the word, the problem remains rampant in developing world such as in Africa. Majority of people in developed countries are informed on the negative health effects of addictive smoking cigarettes. Additionally, governments in most developed countries have enacted laws to prohibit marketing strategies that may result in sale of cigarettes to young people particularly children. However, most third world countries such as in Africa have no laws to prevent sale of cigarettes to young people. Cigarettes products generate a lot of revenue and third world countries often allow reckless importation and marketing of cigarettes. In most third world countries, the importation as well as market of cigarettes is legal and there are no laws prohibiting sale of cigarettes to young people. This raises the ethical question regarding sale of products such as cigarettes, which cause health problems, addiction, and death. This paper will critically discuss the ethical implications from marketing cigarettes to young people in African countries. Background In recent years there have been considerable concerns concerning marketing of products considered harmful to humans. ...
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