Discuss the benefits to a retailer of operating multiple formats. Illustrate your answer with three examples from the UK retail

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RETAIL MARKETING Name Course Institution Retailing is the direct sale of services and goods from businesses or individuals to the consumer. Retailers are part of the supply chain, which is an integrated system. Consequently, a retailer usually buys products or goods in large amounts or quantities directly from the manufacturers or wholesalers.


08). This paper discusses the benefits of a retailer operating multiple formats. It conclusively and elaborately focuses on Tesco supermarkets, which have a variety of multiple formats, Ryan air and The Co-operative Bank in the UK. According to Blythman (2005, p. 24), multiple retailing is mostly known as multi-channel retailing. This encompasses an approach of operating a retail business by offering products to consumers through multiple retail channels. Some of the primary multiple retail channels used by many retailers include the Internet, catalogs, and brick-and-mortar stores. Generally, the retail sector in the UK can be segmented and divided according to the type of products that they deal with. The prime retail groupings are the clothing segment, food retail segment, and non-food segments that include fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and electronics. Retail businesses range in sizes, ranging from a single proprietorship to multi-national retail companies, which offer standardized services and products on an international basis. Additionally, there are also retail businesses that are not for profits retail segments. They include wide ranges of retailers whose main objective is to generate surplus rather than a profit. This surplus is used to fund the underlying objectives for the non-profit organizations. ...
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