In report format, prepare a Marketing Mix for the product or service on which you based assignment one. The Marketing Mix you de

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MARKETING MIX Name Course name Course instructor Date of submission TABLE OF CONTENTS Marketing Mix Introduction When it comes to business, a lot of strategies have to be put into consideration in order for the business products to be successful. In terms of marketing mix, the main purpose of this business strategy is on marketing.


This research will be divided into sections each explaining how the case product has been placed for marketing. Product segmentation, targeting and position The term segmentation basically implies that there is grouping of potential buyers and customers in different categories (Masterson & Pickton, 2010; 88). By segmentation it will enable the Dell Company to actually place the potential buyers into different groups and therefore each group will perceive maximum value of the laptop differently from the others. In my segmentation of the Dell Laptop we can have for example three categories that will be the target market of the Dell products. The first group will be under homogeneity meaning that the particular segment the group will be having the same common needs when it comes to the Dell laptop. Under this group the Dell laptop that the group needs will be the basic ones with medium capacity hard disk, wide screen, long lasting battery and user friendly navigation on the laptop and on top of all these features, the laptop will be relatively cheaper. The second group we can refer to them as the distinction group, under this group it can be made up of the higher end market of the consumers so that they are unique group of people as compared to the other members and potential buyers. ...
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