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2: Part B: Your Marketing Plan

The most common target in a bid to lower the running costs of companies is mass media advertisements that are mostly expensive. Our products, therefore, offer competitive and affordable products that will go a long way to cutting down the costs incurred on mass media advertisements.
As a leading international company in custom-made calendar programs and other related software, Brave Software Company is devoted to offering products of the highest caliber and growing your business. The company strives to pioneering new advancements in its field through research and innovation. Expertise in the field will be deployed to ensure we achieve our goals in a competitive and professional manner (Kotler & Roberto, 1989).
Brave Software Company is a strong brand that is the mother of a range of products currently popular in the market. It seeks to extend its product range to include software-based products. Using the already existing market base to sell its newest software products it will have an upper hand over newly created brands.
Using the existing brand name for the new range of products (software based products) will be useful in maintaining a wider customer base. The brand extension makes the acceptability of new products easy. Moreover, it will enhance the parent brand image as well as saving the cost that would have been incurred in developing a new brand.
The company will also employ multi-branding as a method of soaking up some of the market shares. This approach will help the company in occupying a large shelf space leaving little room for competitors. Another upper hand of this method is that it will saturate the market by filling all quality and price gaps. The approach will also obtain a new set of customers who prefer experimenting with different brands.
The Company may also develop a new brand that will focus on improving the faults of the products ...
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The company was founded with the primary aim of providing software-based products to its customers. The products that the company presently has embarked on are custom made calendars and other software…
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