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Marketing Management - BMW Executive Summary The use of a high range of marketing techniques can ensure the success of firms that operate in extremely competitive markets. Still, these techniques need to be appropriately aligned with the rest strategies of the organization.


The marketing policies of BMW in Munich have been examined in order to identify the key causes for the firm’s long term success. It is revealed that the firm has managed to secure its competitiveness primarily by keeping its customers loyal. At the next level, the use of appropriately customized techniques of customer segmentation has helped the organization to keep its customers loyal, a rather difficult target if taking into consideration the level of competition in global automotive industry. Table of contents Executive summary 2 Introduction 4 Question 1 - Marketing concepts at BMW in Munich 4 1.1 Types of Needs, Wants and Demands 4 1.2 Product, Sales and Marketing orientation 5 1.3 The Relationship Marketing Ladder 6 Question 2 – Customer segmentation at BMW in Munich 8 2.1 Marketing Mix 8 2.2 Positioning 9 2.3 Target Marketing 10 2.4 Customer Segmentation 12 Conclusion 13 References 14 Introduction Keeping organizational sales high is considered as a key priority for marketers worldwide. However, often, the responses of the public to the marketing techniques used by organizations are not the expected ones. Usually, the reason is the fact that these techniques are not aligned with the customers’ needs. ...
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