BASF AG - The Nanjing Project Report

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BASF AG - The Nanjing Project Report Name: Instructor: Course: Date: BASF AG - The Nanjing Project Report BASF SE is the most diversified company in the world. It is situated in Germany and produces the following products: Chemicals In the chemicals section, the industry supply goods to consumers in the electronics, chemical, construction, automotive, textile, pharmaceutical, and agricultural businesses among others.


Plastics This segment includes a wide range of goods, services, and system solutions. The company offers numeral production plastics for the electrical and the automotive industries as well as for use in domestic appliance, games, and leisure time products. The styrene froths are used as protective equipment in the construction firms and in packaging. The polyurethanes are very flexible. Soft froth for example, is used to manufacture mattresses and car seats, and as stiff foams, they augment the energy effectiveness of refrigerators. Performance Products Performance products credit stability and color to countless everyday items and help in the improvement of their functional profile. The firm’s product range includes food additives and vitamins as well as component for pharmaceuticals and sanitation and household items for personal care. Other Products of performance improve processes of oil and gas production, paper industry, mining, and water treatment. They can also improve the effectiveness of petroleum and lubricants, the efficiency of glue and coatings, and the stability of plastics. ...
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