Strategic Marketing Management: Evaluation of the Key marketing strategies for Toyota in the UK.

Strategic Marketing Management: Evaluation of the Key marketing strategies for Toyota in the UK. Essay example
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Name: Course: Date: Evaluation of the Key marketing strategies for Toyota in the UK Toyota is a car manufacturing company that has managed to carve a good market share in the UK markets. However, there are still some challenges that face the company, which it needs to focus on, in order to cement its market share in the region…


This occurred because the government was offering subsidies for the citizens to purchase eco-friendly cars (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2012 p26). This therefore points to the need for venturing into the less competitive market segment, where there are still few companies specializing in this market segment. By so doing, Toyota will manage to annex a new market segment comprising of buyers and government institutions willing to use the Eco-Cars, making it possible for the company to increase its sales and revenues (Hino, 2006 p174). Thus, the introduction of Eco-friendly cars by Toyota in UK will have the impact of boosting its sales, since government institutions in the UK support these vehicles. This way, Toyota will manage to capture the demand from these institutions, thus expanding its overall market share, sales and revenues. Improved product reliability Customers are always in search of products that will not only satisfy their need, but also those products which they have full confidence in. the market for Toyota vehicles has been badly hurt by recalling cars, which were manufactured with various defects (Toyota Motor Corporation, 2012 p27). Although such an action is necessary to avoid losing the market share when the default is eventually discovered, it does not auger well with customers. ...
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