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Q1. Identify the marketing problem(s) facing Ivan Strength VOS network for marketing Good back history of economic performance New products that are in demand Good organization-level communication to generate new ideas Special focus on marketing Market that extended throughout Russia News paper radio and television advertisements Weakness Many products lost demand Some technologies cannot be handled by the visually disabled New economic system created confusion Existing marketing strategy not fully successful Opportunities VOS network for marketing New technologies and new products New marketing strategies Expansion of market throughout Russia Different marketing strategies and opportunities


Management and control of the economy got remodeled, monetary financial systems were introduced, private banking and hard currency system came into existance, customs regulations were relaxed and there were also attempts to promote foreign trade. All these became part of the new economy. The Revdan enterprise was no more functioning within governmental planning that ensured supply of raw materials and provided marketing facilities. Owing to the collapse of the industrial base of the Commonwealth of Independent States, demand for the products manufactured by Revda declined by upto 80 percent. When Ivan tried to introduce new products using new technologies to get over this, one hurdle he faced was that some technologies could not be handled by the visually disabled. ...
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