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Brand Personalities

Brand Personality: A Comparison with Human Personality:
Hans Ouwersloot and Ana Maria Tudorica in their article “Brand Personality Creation through Advertising (2001)” says that brand personality replicates how people experience a brand, rather than what they believe the brand is or what it does. He says that the emblematic use of brands is possible for the reason that the consumers frequently give human personalities to brands. Clients perceive the brand on aspects that naturally capture personality of a person, and widen that to the field of brands. The aspects of brand personality are defined by widening the aspects of human personality to the field of brands. One means to measure and conceptualize the human personality is by way of approach of trait, which explains that the personality is a group of traits. “A trait is defined as component of a person's behavior that is assumed to serve as an explanation of his or her enduring personal characteristics” (Trait 2012). Human personality individuality or characters are determined by multi-aspect factors such as behavior of individual’s, appearance, beliefs, attitude and the demographic characteristic. On the basis of these dimensions of human personality the five dimensions related to brands are identified and they are Excitement, Sincerity, Competence, Ruggedness and Sophistication. ...
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Brand personality is a significant tool for brand positioning in the market. Moreover it acts as a chief tool for preparing selling and advertising policies. Brand personality is a way to build up a sustainable distinctiveness in a market proliferated by the brands where it has became gradually more difficult to move towards…
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