A paper about a survey on music

A paper about a survey on music Research Paper example
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Assignment Name Assignment Introduction: A survey was conducted by addressing questions relating to music to people belonging to different backgrounds and nationalities in order to get their response on the kind of music they listen to and how they came about listening to the different kinds of music.


This survey can also be of help as research to industries and agents scouting for musical talent because it might help in providing them information regarding the genres that a particular group of people listen to or the target group that they should cater to for selling various kinds of music, and also to ensure the rise of the music genres that are at an all time low by understanding what music is on the verge of becoming extinct and thus coupling it with another genre to give it a different feel, in order to revive their cultures and bring about appeal among the people, as talked about in an article relating to how cultures are brought together by musical influences. (Markman, A) Firstly, I have made an effort to bring the survey to people belonging to different nationalities in order to get an idea of the kind of music that people listen to all over the world and not confined to a particular geographical territory. The breakup of the nationalities is as follows; 17 people belong to Britain, 3 people from China, 2 South Koreans, 3 Indians, 1 individual each from France, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Portugal and Poland. ...
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