An investigation into Chinese consumers' reasons for purchasing luxury brands in the UK

An investigation into Chinese consumers
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Table of Contents 4.1.Introduction 2 4.2.Data Analysis- Observation, Interviewing and Interpretation 3 4.2.1.Perception of Luxury Brands for Chinese Consumers 4 4.2.2.Chinese Student Consumer Expectation from Luxury Brands 6 4.2.3.Chinese Students’ Preference for Shopping in UK 7 4.2.4.Role of Brand Communication 10 4.2.5.Role of Culture and Society in purchase decision for Luxury Products 14 4.2.6.Personal Reflection and Cultural Heritage 14 4.2.7.Chinese Students’ Face Consumption 16 5.Chapter Five: Conclusion 19 5.1.Conclusion based on Research Findings 19 5.2.Implications of the Study 21 5.3.Limitations of the Study 22 5.4.Recommendations for Further Research 24 6.References 26 He,Y.


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