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Social Media Metrics Name: Institution: Date: Social Media Metrics In the present-day globalized business environment, organizations that do not take time to comprehend social media and treat social conversations only as opportunities for sales are at a grave risk of alienating their consumers.


Firstly, a description of the various types of social media campaigns that the company is currently engaged in is explored. Further, a description of various major metrics that it should be monitoring is provided. The various platforms and tools that it could use to capture data are also described together with ways through which it can use data to develop as well as improve a social media marketing strategy. The Home Depot Inc. is a leading company in the retailing industry headquartered in the Cobb County, Georgia, the United States. The company’s major retailing products and services are in the home improvement and construction fields. By January 2011, Home Depot had 2,248 stores located across the United States as well as in Canada, Mexico and in China. According to the overall revenue reported to the United States S.E.C, Home Depot is the largest retailer in the home improvement field, way ahead of its major competitor Lowe’s (GoogleFinance, 2012). Home Depot has curved a niche in social media marketing. One of the campaigns that the company is engaging in is in the social networking site Facebook where Home Depot has a large presence. Home Depot recently presented a massive check of $250,000 to the Reno’s Veterans Guest House during the company’s Aprons in Action contest. ...
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