Services Marketing (encounter experiences)

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Introduction Services are all around us. We have to avail various services at different points of time, and each time, our experience is different from what it was the last time. These experiences, though may resemble a similar trend every time one visits the same service outlet, may vary marginally given that there are various intricacies involved in providing those services to the customers as well as clients.


The aspect of degree of satisfaction as well as dissatisfaction is yet another problem that crops us in this regard. However, the measurement scales provided in the Annexure that details the experiences gives us a relatively better view into how satisfactory or for that matter dissatisfactory these experiences have been. In this regard, it should be mentioned at the very outset that service encounters refer to the customer’s most vivid impression of the service (Ziathaml, Bitner, Gremler & Pandit, 2011). Thus the report starts analyzing these experiences or to be more specific the service encounters from various managerial frameworks available to us as well as make comments on the degree of satisfaction or dissatisfaction it caused to the customers availing the service. Satisfactory Satisfactory experiences in terms of service encounters refer to those encounters of availing services that result in meeting the moot objective of the demand. ...
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