Tata Nano International market selection with the world's cheapest car

Tata Nano International market selection with the world
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TATA NANO INTERNATIONAL MARKET By Name Course Tutor’s Name Institution Date Introduction The objective of creating new market segments underpinned Tata Nano’s entry into the ultra-low-cost car market. The realization of the unexplored opportunities and the desire to invent solutions to the challenges afflicting the low-income and middle-income earners contributed to the strategic move of exploring the low-cost market in India and the global market (Chacko, Noronha and Agrawal, 2010, p.


An average Indian family owns a motorbike or scooter on which it depends for the purposes of transport. Rising cases of accidents and high rates of fatalities resulting from these accidents provided hints at the high element of risk in this means of transport. Choice for ultra-low-cost car market Tata Nano’s revolution of the global car industry began with the desire to solve India’s inequalities as witnessed through the challenges that afflicted the middle-income and low-income commuters. In essence, the challenge lay in the fact that the Indian society features high levels of inequality with a significant percentage of the population struggling with poverty (Freiderg, Freiberg and Dunston, 2011). This category of families generally rely on the risky means of transport generally deemed as more affordable and aligned to the specific needs of the middle-income categories. Established carmakers showed little interest in this segment of the market. ...
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