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Mattel Confronts Its Marketing Challenges

This research will try to explain how Mattel confronts its marketing challenges.
In the adverts, the company should ensure that it clearly explains the company profile to the clients as well as the functionality of the new product. Furthermore, effective marketing will need the company to have a clearly defined market or consumers of that particular product. For instance, Mattel to producing company will be introducing a new toy on the market shortly.
Among the products to be introduced in the market, include the board games toys and WWE toys. However, for this product to sell to its expectation, the company management has to ensure that it correctly markets the products to its esteemed clients across the world. However, for the new product to be active in the market, it will have to be sold at most affordable prices. Moreover, the products should be able to meet customer expectations in terms of quality and durability.
The assumptions that can be expected with the introduction of the new product in the market are the constant demand of the product. The management of the company needs not to assume the annual demand and supply of board games toys as well as the WWE toys. It is because an increase in market boundary will mean that supply will need to be an increase. On the other hand, the manufacturing of the product should also be able to meet the demands of the customer at any particular time. In addition, the company should also not assume the availability of tough completion in the market from the companies producing the same products. ...
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The research is going to explain how Mattel Company is going to introduce its new3 product in the market. The introduction of the new product in the market will need the company make a lot of marketing enable the clients familiarize with the product. Therefore, the company will have to use marketing channels like; the internet, print media as well as radio and television…
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