Operations Management of BP Plc (British Petroleum)

Operations Management of BP Plc (British Petroleum) Essay example
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Operations Management of BP Plc Name : Institution : Globalization and information technology have caused fierce competition among the leading oil firms. Many oil firms have stated to establish strategies which uphold their ready for action plan. British Petroleum Company is one of the leading oil companies that are reviewing their operations management critically.


It also transforms capital into goods and services. Operational management allows firms, and companies to come up with strategies that help companies deal with new market entrants and main competitors. Each company has a distinct way of dealing with its operations (Merz & Sauber1995). Many companies come up with distinct names for their departments. BP is a multinational company which has a vibrant operational and management department. Problem definition BP has come under intense pressure due to competition from other major oil producing companies. The company needs to reinvent itself in order to maintain its profitability. BP is known to produce large amounts of oil. However, the large amounts of oil are not reflected in the amounts of revenues generated. The company is also facing the threats that range from new entrants to the established oil companies. There is need to consider the strategies that are needed to keep the company economically viable and competitive. Body BP Amoco is a leading oil industry aims at supplying petroleum products to its international marketplace. Operation administration has become an essential tool in the oil industry management techniques. Operation management makes sure these industries adhere to quality of work. ...
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