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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: McDonalds Marketing plan Executive Summary This marketing plan attempts to highlight some of the possible causes on one side and possible solutions to the problem of product failure on the other side. McDonalds’ Arch Deluxe is a hamburger that was sold in 1996 by McDonalds.


This is because Carl’s Jr. was selling the same type of hamburgers but at half the price. Others offer that the accompaniments that were served with the hamburger, mustard/mayo sauce on potato roll to be specific resulted to the failure. The mega campaign which failed was also partially blamed for the product failure as it targeted the adult population only. Still, some customers offer that the high calorie in the burger was the reason behind the product failure to capture the market. Background McDonalds is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing companies in the fast food industry, which is dominated by a host of players. Some of these players include Carl’s Jr, Burger King, KFC, and Pizza hut. These competitors pose a threat to McDonalds as they have conduced to the decrease in profits. This is because of the alternative products that these competitors continue to offer to the customers. McDonalds is a franchise of many companies with only 19% owed by the company. The company has over 33000 restaurants spread across the globe, serving close to 58 million customers. The company also has dozens of branches situated in 119 countries. McDonalds collected an average of $22,744,700 million in revenues from its global branches in 2009 with operating profits standing at $ 6,841000 million. ...
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