Distribution Channels and Strategies

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Answer 1 Goods reach in the hands of consumers through well defined intermediaries such as stockiest, wholesalers, semi wholesalers, retailers depending upon the nature of product. They all are parts of a distribution channel helping goods reach to the consumers.


Logistics manage and govern various supply functions. Several activities form a part of logistics such as material handling and warehousing, inventory management, fleet and transportation management and hosts of other activities. Logistics bottleneck at any point may affect and strangulate the free movement of goods and in this sense, efficient and workable logistics is critical and necessary to keep distribution channel flooded with the goods so as to service consumer on time. Geographic location and area of coverage does affect the selection of distribution channels. Smaller the territory, fewer members in channel distribution can serve the purpose; however, as territory goes larger and distances increase, it becomes necessary to have more intermediate channel members for the efficient flow of goods. This also depends upon the nature of product that how fast the product is being consumed or whether it is perishable kind. The distribution channel would need more channel members along with proper logistics if the goods are fast moving and needs to be replenished in shorter duration so that channel does not go dry ever. Answer 2 There are two kinds of promotional strategies in marketing management and they are known as push and pull kinds of strategies to enhance sales of product or services. ...
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