Why has Tesco's loyal card scheme been successful where competitors' schemes have not?

Why has Tesco
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Why has Tesco’s loyalty card scheme been more successful than its competitors? Owing to its success in recent years, Tesco has become one of the largest retailers of the world, fourth largest in the world and the largest one in the United Kingdom.


It has over two thousand stores all over United Kingdom and has a wide range of products from everyday items of groceries to electric appliances to the mortgage market and even a clothing line. This indicates the level of diversity that this store has been into. The company does not target a specific niche; instead it has been very successful at capturing the mass market yet providing a customized approach to the masses. Thos customer centric and market oriented approach has helped Tesco become better than ever before, defeating all its competitors by making sure all their systems were intact. Its success involved its customer loyalty card which helped Tesco gauge customer interests, trends and ready-to-use market research that was in line with customer needs and wants. Surprisingly, when Tesco’s loyalty card scheme was thriving, other firms using the loyalty card concept were declining. There is no doubt about the fact that Tesco’s business model and effective strategies helped it raise its profits and give benefits to customers at the same time. Following is an analysis of Tesco’s success and the impact of the loyalty card scheme on it. ...
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