Leading the Way : Start with a Marketing Audit

Leading the Way : Start with a Marketing Audit Essay example
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Marketing Audit Institution: Name: Date: The Marketing Audit "A marketing audit is a systematic, comprehensive examination of a firm's marketing organization, strategies, objectives, tactics, and activities. Apple’s marketing audit allows top management to discover the Apple's strengths and weaknesses in relation to threats and opportunities it faces in the marketplace, and identify more effective uses for the accessible marketing resources" (Wilson, 2005).


"The Apple’s marketing audit will be utilized as a fundamental tool of the firm marketing planning process. Apple’s Marketing audit can not only be carried out at the initial stage of the firm audit process, but also at a sequence of points throughout the implementation of the plan. This audit will consider both external and internal influences on marketing planning, as well as reviewing of the plan itself” (Crompton & Lamb, 2011). Apple’s marketing audit plan will be utilized to make the sales 0bjectives outlined in the firm business plan a reality in the year 2013. The marketing audit has specific similarities to a financial audit in that it is a review the Apple's existing marketing activities. Carrying out the marketing audit offers the opportunity to review and appraise the firm's whole marketing activity, allowing the firm to evaluate present and the past performance as well as to offer the basis for assessing probable future course of action. ...
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